# Installation

Installing Joodle for use within Node.js is really easy and takes no time at all!

# Create a Node.js Project

Start by creating a new Node.js project (if you haven't already).

npm init -y

You should find a newly generated package.json file inside your directory.

# Install as a Dependency

Now you can install Joodle from NPM as a dependency inside your package.json file.

npm i joodle

You should find that your package.json file has updated to include joodle under the dependencies section. A package-lock.json file and a node_modules directory should have also been generated. The node_modules directory is where Joodle's source code is downloaded to.


You should commit both the package.json and package-lock.json files to version control, but not the node_modules directory. You can do this by creating a .gitignore file in your project's directory and adding node_modules/ as the first line.

Your project's directory should now look something like this:

|- node_modules
|- .gitignore
|- package.json
|- package-lock.json